Mr. V.K.Rawat is a former professional tennis player with 28 years of experience on the professional tour. While on the tour, he gained a reputation as an excellent match strategist, and he coached other professional players while still competing himself. Mr. Rawat uses his diverse, international tennis experience to develop innovative instructional training methods for each of his students, helping to qualitatively improve skill and fitness as rapidly as possible.

​Mr.Rawat had a long, accomplished career which includes his tennis coaching Diploma from the National Institute of Sports, AITA Level 1 Coach, and an ITF level 1 Umpire.

He is Successful at facilitating ongoing professional development and making sound investment decisions. Aiming to leverage his skills to successfully fill the Hon. Secretary and Director of Coaching at SRAG Tennis for the last 20 years.

Mr.Rawat has brought this wealth of knowledge and expertise to the SRAG Tennis Academy as the Performance Advisor/Coach.  He has bought his passion for tennis and developed others to work closely with the coaches, support staff, and players to assist SRAG Tennis Academy in achieving its vision; in delivering a world-renown player development program which prioritizes the person, performer, and player to be the best they can be and succeed on the international stage. His work ethic, knowledge, and experience have been paramount in helping Rawatsir develop many high-level athletes.