The SRAG Tennis Academy Facilities

Our team at SRAG Tennis Academy is dedicated to providing advanced, personalized, and intensive training to each and every one of our students. In order to do so, we offer multiple facilities to ensure our students can reach their highest potential alongside our experienced tennis instructors’ guidance.

Tennis Courts

Our great new facilities have all the necessary structures to establish complete training programs for our players. The SRAG Tennis Academy has 4 hard Courts.

The Gym

The gym is spacious and includes all the equipment required for a first-rate workout. The aerobics studio is perfect for a quiet stretch after training. It is also used for classes such as yoga, pilates, body pump and more.


SRAG Tennis Academy offers different types of accommodation options. Players can stay during the Tournament and outside of the city students can also make themself home.

Yoga and Physiotherapy

SRAG Tennis Academy has a special Yoga and Physiotherapy Coach. She is highly educated in the same field to prevent injury and relaxation of sports muscles.

Video Analyze Room

 we focus on video analysis that illustrates the flaws as well as the strengths of each player’s technique. improving these motions will dramatically improve a player’s ability to generate power, topspin, and depth.