The aim of the SRAG Tennis is the complete preparation of professional athletes and young talents who approach a professional tennis career.

Our Mission

SRAG Tennis strives to develop aspiring juniors to become the next generation of collegiate and world-class tennis players. Our expert training addresses the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of tennis. From the high-performance player to the recreational player, we leverage our proven approach to tennis success across all ages and levels of play.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is all about involvement, passion, and follow-through. We take tennis to the heart with coaches going beyond the brief of just working on players’ games but engaging with them constantly to ensure they are able to draw the best out of the talent. We believe in tracking – constant progress monitoring to ensure there is forward momentum in every player’s individual games. We have a development plan for each player – focused on charting a short, mid, and long term plan for everyone individually and helping them achieve these targets through consistent monitoring and calibration of training plans


SRAG Tennis is Society & Public Charitable Trust (Trust No – F/8646).Mr.RajGopal (Chairman of SRAG Tennis ) and Mr.V.K.Rawat (Hon. secretary of SRAG Tennis) Founded the SRAG Tennis Academy in 2001 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  Former Tournament Player Mr. V.K.Rawat, after his professional career, decided to pass on his experience to younger players and help them reach their dream tennis goals. The SRAG Tennis Academy quickly became, and continues to be, the home to countless national and international junior players, best college players, and some of the world’s finest pros. By combining the experience of a champion with world-class coaching, cutting-edge training methods, and premier facilities the SRAG Tennis Academy is able to offer unrivaled programs for players of all ages and abilities.

SRAG Tennis is under the direction of professional tennis coaches and specialists, not only a driving technique is developed but also players’ personal, mental, and physical qualities that are indispensable for top-level tennis. Tennis training programs are made according to the needs of each player, a big emphasis is laid on the individual work of the trainer with the player on the court. This personal approach to each tennis player is a big advantage of SRAG Tennis.

Message from

Mr. RajGopal

IAS (Rtd)

(Chairman & Founder of SRAG Tennis)

At SRAG, Regardless of your age, gender, skill level, or individual goals, we strive to bring the best out of each of you, to realize what makes you special, and to help you become exceptional.

Our coaching team has the utmost passion for teaching tennis – we dedicate ourselves completely to improving you athletically, mentally, and emotionally. We grow with you, lose with you, and win with you.  For us, coaching at SRAG is not just a job, but a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that each one of us loves dearly. We support, encourage,  and develop all students. Our goal is not just to improve your tennis game, it is to make a difference in your lives.

Studies have shown that exercise increases blood flow to the brain and helps the body build more connections between nerves, leading to increased concentration, enhanced memory, stimulated creativity, and better-developed problem-solving skills.
To sum up, playing Tennis or any sports has some serious benefits. Besides just being fun, sports can help you perform better in school, relax more and worry less, deal with setbacks, work better with others and increase your energy — all of which helps you balance your healthy and prosperous life.

Message From

Cdr. Malik

(Founder Member of SRAG Tennis)

Message From


(Hon.Secretary SRAG Tennis)

The game of tennis offers a surprising amount of lessons that can be applied both on and off the court. It requires us to face our opponent and learn how to respond to unpredictable shots and rapid-fire challenges with precision and grace.
Similar to solo endeavors in life, success in a single tennis match hinges on a player’s focus, resilience, and confidence; whereas doubles tennis employs and develops the skills necessary to any healthy partnership, like mutual trust, selflessness, and communication.